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The word Hypnosis is built of two words


 Hypo: in latin meaning hidden, suppressed and under

Gnosis: knowledge obtained by experience.





Zero Point Regressive Hypnosis is a therapeutic approach that seeks to harness the power of hypnosis to access and explore a person’s past memories and experiences, with the aim of uncovering and resolving unresolved issues or traumas from the past that may be affecting an individual’s current thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. It also facilitates emotional healing, personal growth, and self-discovery.

Zero Point Regressive Hypnosis utilizes a deep state of hypnosis, typically induced through relaxation techniques and guided imagery, to help individuals access their subconscious mind and recall memories from earlier stages of their life, including childhood or even past lives, if the belief in reincarnation is held. The method is often used in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to facilitate emotional healing and personal growth.

During the session, the individual is guided by the therapist to focus on the “here and now” state. This state holds the key to any point in time and space, and because of that, it is only possible to recall memories or experiences from the past. The therapist may use open-ended questions, suggestions, or prompts to encourage the individual to explore and describe their memories in detail. This process can help individuals gain insight, understanding, and resolution regarding past events or issues that may be influencing their present thoughts, emotions, or behaviors.

Zero Point Regressive Hypnosis places a strong emphasis on the individual’s subjective experience and perception of their memories, rather than trying to uncover objective truth or accuracy. The therapist works collaboratively with the individual to facilitate their self-discovery and insight and to support them in processing and resolving any emotional or psychological challenges that may arise during the session.


Regressive hypnosis allows you to crack open the doors to your unconscious so that your Being can go beyond sensory perceptions and access information that it would be impossible (or almost impossible) to access under “normal” circumstances. This allows you to find answers to questions you may have been unable to resolve and to pinpoint the causes of problems, discomforts, anxieties and somatic symptoms hidden in other energy-space-time dimensions different from the one where you inhabit in this physical existence. Simply put: understanding the origin of a certain block, situation, position; becoming aware of the reason for these events as well as apparent coincidences; having a chance to interact with ourselves and with our surroundings at the energy level, allows us to resolve inner conflicts and unblock stagnant or deteriorating personal situations.


In the context of regressive hypnosis, the telepath is a trained practitioner who is capable of sending or receiving thoughts or mental impressions to or from another person, without the need for any external sensory input or verbal communication. The telepath would then be placed under hypnosis, which is a state of increased  focused attention and heightened suggestibility induced by the operator( hypnotherapist), in order to facilitate the telepathic communication. 

The telepath uses its abilities to “tune in” to the client’s subconscious  mind and receive impressions or information related to the client’s past. This information may then be communicated to the hypnotherapist or the client, either through verbal communication or other means, depending on the specific techniques or methods employed by the telepath and the operator (hypnotherapist)

The role of the telepath can be seen as analogous to that of a surrogate to act as a conduit for accessing and conveying information from the client’s subconscious mind, with the aim of uncovering unresolved issues or traumas from the past that may be influencing the client’s present thoughts, emotions, or behaviours. This is all done with the client’s permission to work on its behalf.  



What happens to you during regressive hypnosis is exactly what happens to you every day without you realizing it; when you read something carefully, when you’re hooked by a good film; when you listen attentively to an interesting talk, or when you stop for a few minutes and think with your eyes open, isolating yourself from the rest of the world, even if only for a moment. It is exactly what happens when you take a nap. You settle in, relax and gradually let go. You begin to empty your mind, or start thinking about something, perhaps recalling something you just did or some other more distant memory. Memories sometimes change shapes or modality; they seem to develop much like dreams. When you open your eyes, you find yourself on the bed or sofa, or in your seat on the bus, and you almost wish you had stayed in that other dimension; you come back to the present. But, what if during your nap you had an external voice guiding you through that journey inside your mind? What happens is that you become the protagonist of an adventure. Your adventure. This is what happens with regressive hypnosis. You live out a dream, your dream. Contrary to what some may think, during regressive hypnosis, your level of consciousness is not diminished, but rather increased; that is why you are able to access important and much needed information that it is impossible (or nearly impossible) to access in a normal state of consciousness.


Some results are immediately noticeable, but others need a fairly long time to manifest. The time it takes to digest a regressive hypnosis session varies depending on the person and the circumstances. Some people notice the benefits as soon as the session is over, while others sense a gradual yet steady personal transformation, noticing differences with respect to the past, week after week and month after month. – How long do the effects of regressive hypnosis last? This is very much relative. The duration of effects depends on the compatibility with the goal reached in a regressive hypnosis. It all depends on our personalities and these can change at any given moment by our own volition. Some results can last several days or weeks. Others last until other changes take place that replace the previous one, others can last a lifetime.


Sabio Janiak  is NOT a medical doctor. Hypnotic regression is NOT a medical treatment and is NOT its substitute


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